I am providing details on how my team has responded to the Re-Train Your Brain Workshop we held in Cary, NC..

As I sought to bring this training to our team, I had a team in NC I had led for 5 years, and had just inherited another 2 states – VA and KY. I knew the existing team would benefit from Call Reluctance Training, and could see it equally in KY and even more so in VA. The SPQ Gold Evals confirmed this.

In addition, I knew we were also not consistently asking for referrals, and had no proven process for increasing referrals in place for gaining long term, consistent success.
Since I had worked with Manard Warren & Associates in the past, I knew that you could close these gaps by using the workshop.

While it is too soon to see the increase in sales productivity from this training, we can for certain gauge the prospecting consistency, and it’s impact on prospecting touches, meetings held and new opportunities being added to our funnels.

Prospecting Touches (Based on Power Hour Results)
*The training was attended 1/3 of the way into October
October – 853 Total Touches – 50/Rep
September – 408 Total Touches – 24/Rep – a 109% Increase

Meetings Attended
*The training was attended 1/3 of the way into October

679 Meetings – 40/rep
Previous Quarter – 371/mth, 22/Rep – a 83% increase
In October 450 or 66% of our total meetings were First Meetings – The average per month last Qtr was 374 – a 20% Increase

New Opportunities Created
*The training was attended 1/3 of the way into October
Total New Opportunities Added to Funnel 332, 19.5/rep
Previous Quarter 301, 17/Rep – a 10% increase

Traditional Lines Added to Funnel – 5,791 – 341/rep
Previous Quarter 4,162 – 244/Rep – a 39% increase

M2M Lines Added to Funnel – 1,237 – 73/rep
Previous Quarter – 545 – 32/Rep – a 123% increase

The bottom line here is, even with 2/3 of the month in results to see following our training, we are seeing tremendous increase in results.

Kenny Wray

Associate Director
State & Local Government
Verizon Business Group



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