Why use Manard Warren & Associates

  • Help sales people bring in more new business sales.
  • Identify and help sales people overcome any Sales Call Reluctance® that may be inhibiting their prospecting efforts.
  • Help sales people obtain more, higher level appointments within new contacts.
  • Help sales people differentiate themselves from their competition more effectively.

Manard Warren is recognized as one of the nation’s foremost experts in Sales Call Reluctance® training and increasing salesperson productivity. He has spent more than 30 years traveling throughout the country teaching professionals in all fields how to overcome the emotional barriers that often keep them from reaching the goals and success they are capable of achieving. Manard coaches and counsels companies, not only to increase salesperson productivity, but also in the assessment, selection and retention process.

Re-Train your brain workshop

This workshop is used by sales-driven organizations worldwide to help salespeople overcome career-limiting emotions due to Sales Call Reluctance® It combines accurate diagnosis of prospecting behavior styles through the SPQ*GOLD® assessment and field-tested corrective techniques. 

re-train your
brain coaching

This half day workshop will teach your sales manager(s) how to reinforce the concepts taught during the Re-Train your Brain workshop. your sales managers will also learn how to interpret the results of the  SPQ*GOLD® assessment for each of their sales team members.

referral strategies

A half day workshop that provides sales professionals with new tools that will help them effectively ask and receive referred leads from current clients. During the workshop your sales people will get on the phone with current clients and get referred leads. You will start seeing ROI during the training. Think of the excitement for your sales people. Finally, They will enjoy securing some easy sales!


A one day workshop that improves prospecting effectiveness. By practicing and implementing the strategies provided, your organization will see significant improvements in the rate of converting prospecting contacts into sales appointments scheduled with business owners and key decision-makers.

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“Our Gulf Coast Region achieved three consecutive record-setting sales months in a row after participating in this program.”- Jason Smith – Associate Director

“Your workshop has increased our net presentation by 35% per week and as a result our sales region is on track to increase their sales by 46% over last fiscal year,”  – Michele Tomasetti

“My team participated in your workshop yesterday and we set 20+ appts in 40 minutes of dialing-with lots of referrals. The team was highly engaged and very excited. This is a great training!”- Mike Iannetta – Regional Sales Director

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