A One-Day Workshop that provides Business Sales Executives with new Tools to set themselves above other sales reps who may be calling on their prospects. These tools (Business Impact Conversations and Referral Appointments with current clients) will help them drive new business sales more quickly.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn to:

  • Identify what motivates prospects to grant appointments.
  • Conduct effective Business Impact Conversations with current customers.
  • Strategically ask for Referral Meetings with current customers and turn those referrals into “warm” introductions.
  • Develop an Impactful Value Proposition focusing on quantifiable results (ROI).Develop, practice, and implement prospecting scripts that will warrant the attention of Decision-Makers.
  • Address Prospect’s Indifference.
  • Performance Competencies

The Learning Objectives outlined above are designed to enable participants to perform the Competencies listed below:

  • Develop the ability to walk the customer through a conversation that discovers quantifiable results (ROI).
  • Increase sales results through obtaining more and better qualified referrals.
  • Perform prospecting calls utilizing an Impactful Value Proposition designed to gain the attention of Decision-Makers.
  • Implement an Appointment Setting Campaign targeting key prospects.

As a result of participating, learning and implementing the concepts taught in the Value-Based Prospecting Workshop™, sales people will obtain more qualified sales appointments more quickly, leading to significant increases in their new business sales numbers.